Custom Spanish Doors

Spanish Style Doors Catalog by Demejico

Since 1990, from homes to restaurants, DeMejico has been manufacturing and installing custom doors, from interior to exterior to accent doors. Our ability to create custom, Spanish style doors and gates with hand-forged wrought iron accents is what separates us from the competition.

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Single Exterior Doors

Our Single Exterior Doors are all made from solid knotty alder wood. Featuring a variety of square top doors, as well as subtle and full Spanish arched top doors, these doors will enrich any Spanish Style home. From single panel to multi-panel designs, these rustic doors feature raised mouldings, accented by hand pounded iron clavos and hand forged iron grills. Available in a range of finishes, our Single Exterior Doors are designed to grab your attention, while staying true to their traditional Spanish design style.

Single Exterior Door Catalog




spanish style doors spanish doors rustic doors custom doorsDouble Exterior Doors

Made from a variety of alder woods, along with hand forged wrought iron, our Double Exterior Doors are some of our most decorative entry doors. Several of these Double Exterior Doors feature top panels of raised glass with bottom panels of knotty alder wood, while others feature full length panels of only glass. These glass panels feature a variety of smooth and textured hinged glass, as well as wrought iron grill scrollwork accents. All hand forged, these wrought iron grills enhance the authentic, Spanish style of these Double Exterior Doors.

Double Exterior Door Catalog



spanish style doors spanish doors rustic doors custom doors

Interior Doors

Perfect for any Rustic or Old World Style home or space, our Interior Doors are all made alder wood. Featuring a variety of hand forged iron accents from hand pounded clavos, to thick iron straps, and hand forged iron grills and bars, these Interior Doors are perfect examples of bringing a Spanish feel to a home of today, by simple additions of decorative hardware. Featuring both arched and square tops, the Interior Doors are presented in a great deal of styles, ranging from single to multi-panel, raised moulding designs.

Interior Door Catalog



Manufactured in our facility in Guadalajara, Mexico, we have invested great time in the production aspect of machinery as well as collaborating with experienced artisans to create quality woodwork products. Over the years, we have manufactured modern to traditional style door designs, made from a wide range of exotic hardwoods.

Replacing the doors and/or gates can significantly change the look and feel in and around your home or business. Additionally, we can custom-create any door or gate to match the existing architecture.

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