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Once having started as a small, family-owned business in Tequila, Mexico, DeMejico found quick success catering to restoration architects in need of genuine, Colonial style reproductions. Over the last 20 years, with the unique ability to utilize modern tools alongside classic crafting techniques, DeMejico has expanded into an internationally known, woodworking and wrought iron project-building business.

Today, DeMejico has planted its rustic roots in Southern California, where we currently furnish, decorate, and exclusively build for homes, businesses, and special events all over the United States. Whether you’re looking to simply adorn a small room or fully revamp your home, our DeMejico family will help coordinate every step of the way.


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Spanish Furniture

Our Spanish Style Furniture pieces showcase all of the classic elements you think of when you think about, well, Spanish Furniture!

The most prominent and popular of those elements being intricate wood carvings (all hand carved of course) and hand tooled leather detailing. Some of the other outstanding elements in our Spanish Style Furniture pieces are hand forged iron scrollwork, large and beautiful curved shapes, and subtle curves on areas like arms and legs of tables and chairs.

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Old World Furniture

Our Old World Style Furniture pieces showcase distinct and eye-catching details that take you back in time...

Standing out among the rest, these pieces are sturdy and unique, with the use of once-functioning old doors and reclaimed woods. Paired with large, hand pounded clavos and iron hardware accents, the pieces almost always feature straighter lines and shapes, with only very subtle curves. Similar to the Old World style, many of these also pair well with Western Style furniture.

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Mexican Furniture

Our Mexican Style Furniture pieces showcase many traditional elements that are typically related to the style of Spanish Furniture.

Similar to the features of our Spanish Style Furniture, our Mexican Style pieces show off straight lines and shapes, with subtle detailing. Commonly made with mesquite wood, these pieces feature less carving and curvature than most, but are still eye-catching, nonetheless. Turned legs and iron straps with clavos are just some of the popular accents featured on these pieces.

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Furniture Catalog

Enrich your home and surroundings with our exquisite line of Spanish style furniture. At DeMejico, we showcase the art of fine craftsmanship, all manufactured from solid woods and hand-forged wrought iron. Our Spanish Furniture Catalog features unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with the rich texture of hand-cut details. All rustic furniture pieces can be customized to any dimensions. Visit our showroom in Los Angeles, CA.

Door Catalog

Our customers appreciate the beauty and tremendous hand crafted doors of our Spanish style Door Catalog. We are prepared to design and custom-create any style door, from entry to interior, to fit the architecture of your home. Our Door Catalog features doors made from various wood types, decorated with hand forged wrought iron accents and panels. Contact Us if you have any questions.

Lighting Catalog

To complement all of our interior and exterior furniture pieces, we have specially designed a Lighting Catalog, with pieces all made from hand-forged wrought iron. We are able to remake any lighting style design, as well as create designs from different materials when needed. The forged nature of our Lighting Catalog is perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, and exterior environments.


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