Calvary Chapel

Calvary Chapel: Chino Hills, California

Located in Chino Hills, California, Calvary Chapel not only caters to audiences of over 5,000 guests on Sundays, but broadcasts their Services online for so many others to be a part of.
With that many eyes on the location, DeMejico was thrilled to bring even more life to this warm and uplifting environment with our custom woodwork.

The Main Hall

The largest additions to this grand church were in the main hall, where many gather and services are held. With hand carved detail being the focal highlight, large panels were added up on the stage as well as along the huge paneled accents on the walls.

Perfecting these designs and bringing them to life, each detail DeMejico contributed to in the Calvary Chapel was engineered and manufactured in-house. These attention grabbing panels were each hand carved by our master artisans, with the most delicate intricacy.

The Drawing Board

Shop Drawings are a great way to for the client and members of our DeMejico team to make sure all ideas, requirements, specifications, and measurements are communicated and met during the production process.
The Shop Drawings below showcase the final stages of the Calvary Chapel project, before execution.

Here, you can see the final layout for the wood paneling. This final layout includes all dimensions needed for each panel of wood.

Here, you can see the same final layout, with the added carving details, as well as a few extra dimensions.

And finally, here you can see a detailed layout of the carvings that our artisans used as their guide.

The Foyer

In addition to the main hall, the foyer of the Calvary Chapel also received some DeMejico upgrades!

The first upgrades to the foyer were the three sets of double doors, leading into the grand hall.
Inspired by our popular Square Top Monastery Doors, these hand crafted double doors feature a multi-panel design from top to bottom.

From Single to Double

Originally made as Single Interior Doors, the Square Top Monastery Doors were recreated to be double doors, just for this project.

Below, these Shop Drawings display how the single door was modified to become a double door.

Iron Accents

Accenting these doors, we added large handles that have been hand forged and hammered.

This small detail in the door handles brings out the iron touches seen throughout the rest of the Calvary Chapel, for example, the iron Menorah seen in the foreground of the photo above.

A Unique Request

An upgrade to the Calvary Chapel, two television screens are on display outside of the main hall. Rather than just having these mounted on the wall, the Chapel wanted to encase these two television screens in a unique way that will bring added beauty to the space.

Honoring that request, we were able to custom create these beautiful encasements sitting on the left and right sides of those lovely double doors.
With the same detailing seen in the main hall, these adornments have also been carefully hand carved by our master artisans with the greatest of attention to detail.

More Shop Drawings

Below, you can see the Shop Drawings that provided the layout for these television screen encasements.
With precise measurements and attention to detail, these drawings are what really helped the DeMejico team bring this unique request to life.

A Place to Sit

Our final additions to the Calvary Chapel are beautiful Spanish style benches that sit in the main foyer and throughout the hallways.
Inspired by our Banca Casa Mexicana benches, these leather benches are both stylish and comfortable.

In partnership with Tovey/Shultz Construction.