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Mendonca Residence


Mendonca Residence: Acampo, CA

This project takes place in the Mendonca Residence, located in the wine country area of California known as Acampo. Focusing on the dining and entertainment areas, along with two of the bedrooms, we were able to add our DeMejico flair to this already Spanish Styled Home.

Starting with the dining and entertainment areas, the Mendonca Residence features two separate dining spaces.

In the first space, we have added a long version of our popular Mesa Indonesia Dining Table, fit for 10 people.
Paired with this table, the Mendonca Family chose a version of our Silla Cristy Especial Chairs. With soft to the touch leather, these chairs are both comfy and stylish in this classic space.

Finally, on the accent wall of this dining space, we have custom created a version of our Concha Buffet to fit the dimensions of the wall.


The second dining area of the Mendonca Residence is without a doubt, an eye-catching space. Unlike most rooms, this one features rounded walls, making the room a perfect circle. In this beautiful room, we have added a lighter version of our Round Mesquite Gitana Dining Table. Complementing the shape of the Spanish Dining Room, this table was the perfect fit.

Paired with this table, are the Silla San Felipe Dining Chairs, bringing in even more of that authentic, Spanish style.

Finishing off the Mendonca Residence, the final additions are to two of the bedroom spaces.

The first bedroom space shows off our Alamo Stitched Leather Bed, along with a matching version of our Mesquite Alamo Nightstands. Above each nightstand, The Mendonca family chose to add our Forja Sconce, as opposed to regular nightstand lamps. We love this idea, and especially love how it really brings out the Spanish Style of the home. Lastly, to complete the entire room, our very popular Alamo Dresser was added.


The second bedroom showcases our Alamo Style Bed. Similar to the first, this bed features hand dyed and upholstered leather, but without the stitched detailing. Still, the Spanish Style is authentically present.

All made from solid mesquite wood, these beds, nightstands, and dresser are both durable and stylish for years and years to come.