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The Scandinavian Hall

The Scandinavian Hall:
Castle in North Powder, Oregon

Looking for an AirBnb in Oregon? Seize your opportunity to stay in this rich piece of history with a group of up to 6 couples! If you don’t need the entire space, you can rent out the east or west hall separately. Both are mirror images of each other but have their own distinctive flavor. The Scandinavian Hall is not only a good option for lodging in North Powder, but it's close to Baker City and La Grande, both of which offer many attractions. Here, you are centrally located to everything, including Anthony Lakes Ski Resort!

The space:

Reimagined with inspiration from its historical European ancestors, The Scandinavian Hall aims to offer a space of suspended reality, where you’re protected from every attack on your serenity. A mixture of Spanish Colonial furniture and Old World styles, the rustic furniture and distinctive decor are meant to create the ideal ambiance for relaxation before and after a long day of conquering the surrounding wilderness.

Following an open concept, both sides of the hall feature one of our Concha Old Door Beds on the main floor, with two full-sized beds in the loft. Each side has a wood stove, bathroom, and kitchen stocked with essentials to cover the basics.

Relax comfortably in the living areas where we've added in our Banca Conquista Sofa and Chairs, as well as our one-of-a-kind Silla San Blas lounge chairs.

Sit on our Silla Guanajuato Chairs at the big, dining room tables meant to mimic the tables Vikings would gather, feast, and celebrate around in halls throughout Europe during the Viking Ages.

A bit of history:

A Scottish immigrant, John Shaw, hand-built this European-inspired hall in the early 1900s by chiseling every inch of stone he quarried locally. For years, John’s brother used the building as a mercantile store that sold all kinds of goods; groceries, farming equipment, hardware, shoes, furniture, tools, and tires. Throughout the early 20th century, it helped support and serve eastern Oregon community members and visitors. The Scandinavian Hall is an incredible monument of eastern Oregon history; it’s listed as an Oregon Historic Site through the National Registry of Historic Places.

More around the space

Loving the styles you see here? Click the images below to take a closer look and learn more about each piece.

Banca Conquista Sofa

Banca Conquista Single Seat

Puerta Santo Tomas

Concha Old Door Bed

Silla San Blas

Old Wood Banca Santa Fe

Silla Escondido Negro

Old Wood Alamo Nightstand

Cristy Spanish Bench

Silla Guanajuato w/ Leather

Hoja Spanish Bench

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