Sofa Bianca

A brand new addition to our Living Room Catalog, the Sofa Bianca is a beautiful Spanish leather sofa, sure to grab your attention. Upholstered with a smooth leather, the seat and backrest paired with the raised arms, give this sofa a grand and bold feel. To give it a bit of a feminine and softer touch, the sides and backside of this brown leather sofa feature simple, yet gorgeous raised panels, each with hand carved detailing. Hand crafted from solid mesquite wood, this frame picks the sofa up off the ground, and gives it that extra Spanish flair. Finishing off the Sofa Bianca, the bottom and arms of the leather are accented by hand pounded studs. Both comfortable and stylish, with matching rounded pillows, this Spanish sofa can be the perfect touch to your office or entertainment space.  Ask us about how we can customize one for you!

Dimensions: L 78″

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